LIVE Day 2: A Breakfast Blog

While I was hoping to escape the blogosphere for a few moments during breakfast this morning, I ended up getting dragged into a fascinating conversation about the power and future of blogging. This discussion was certainly fueled by the fact that Business Week dedicated their entire cover story to blogging this week.

In any event, we touched on a range of issues about blogging: the relation of blogs to mainstream media, the impact on the Spend Management movement, the marketing side of blogs, how PR firms are getting into the blog game (and why they should not, IMHO). Everyone agreed that Spend Matters is a great early effort, and while not perfect, it remains an early test bed for the potential of blogs to reach a mass business audience.

Many of you have told me over the past few days that this is the first blog you've seen or read. Let's hope that it's not the last!

-Jason Busch

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