What's SIG?

This week, Sourcing Interests Group (SIG)is holding its annual conference. Your trusty editor attempted to register for the event to cover it here at Spend Matters, but was turned away, because he is not a member. Sounds like a bit of a stuffy, exclusive organization, eh? Well, only if you're not willing to shell out the bucks. A close friend of mine, who runs a consultancy that focuses on sourcing and logistics, was asked to speak at the event last year, but turned down the opportunity when she discovered that speaking would also entail sponsorship $$$. No separation of church and state here, buddy. Pay to play all the way. Well, I guess that I should not be too distraught. The other day I was talking to the head of SRM strategy for a vendor and when I mentioned SIG, his response was "What's SIG ... never heard of them."

-Jason Busch

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