Wal-Mart and India

I've been meaning to type up my notes from an Executive's Club lunch earlier this month with Wal-Mart's President and CEO, H. Scott Lee. Lee even answered one of my questions on China sourcing (albeit one of the other 1000 attendees might have asked the same one, as we had to submit our questions via notecards). I'll see what I can do about posting this write-up by the middle of this week.

The luncheon piqued my interest in Wal-Mart's overall globalization strategy and how Spend Management is an integral part of its march to big-box, retail domination. I read a piece in the Economic Times this morning that highlights how India is becoming more competitive in the world market, amidst China's new textile export challenges. I believe that Wal-Mart's interest in India is a leading indicator of the country's future as an export giant.

-Jason Busch

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