LCCS Success Stories

Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS) is a topic that everyone I know in the Spend Management world likes to talk about. And anytime, there's a new piece of research on the subject, I look forward to digging into it and dissecting the results. So you can see why I was very excited to learn about Aberdeen Group's new research study Low Cost Country Sourcing Success Stories. In the report, Kevin Fitzgerald digs into the dirt to unearth what's really going on with LCCS. What's the biggest surprise in the report?

I spoke to Kevin yesterday and he told me that that the largest surprise he found was that many companies -- even large, global organizations -- are not fully prepared to embark on programs as complex and ambitious as LCCS alone. Sounds like a huge opportunity for third party providers and consultants to get involved. You can decide for yourself and read the report by clicking here (free, but registration is required).

Jason Busch

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