An August Update …

As we enter the month of vacations and humidity when much of the world slows down, Spend Matters fully intends to keep chugging along -- perhaps even accelerating a bit. There's not been a better time for Spend Management or more areas to cover or look at. We also are expecting some interesting market developments this month, some of which are speculative, but others that you can count on.

In the coming weeks, we'll be examining supplier performance management in more detail and we'll look at some of the emerging vendors and opportunities in the space. Another major focus for the month will be on analytics and spend visibility. In addition, we're hoping to get an interview with the head of SRM for a major ERP vendor. No promises, but stay tuned later in August, and we'll see what we can do.

We hope to cover some breaking events and news in the month as well -- some of which has happened already. To wit, don't look for a formal announcement, but AMR Research recently hired Mark Hillman away from i2. Mark will be covering the supply chain and Spend Management sectors at AMR, working closely with Lora Cecere. He started at AMR this week, and has already hit the ground running from what we've heard. We expect that he'll make a great addition to AMR’s coverage of the sector. In other analyst news, we know that Aberdeen is kicking off a bunch of new research as well, and IDC is beginning to make more noise with its Manufacturing Insights Group. Where's Forester and Gartner in all of this? Our guess is on holiday.

In short, there's a lot going on. I'll be taking a breather tomorrow, hoping to break 200 on the golf course, but will be back over the weekend and next week as things begin to heat up in the Spend Management world.

Jason Busch

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