Katrina Coverage … Continued

I've continued to read about the implications that Katrina will have on Spend Management strategies for companies in the past couple of days. One of the most insightful pieces I've seen yet was recently published by AMR Research. In her brief highlighting the impact of Katrina, Lora Cecere writes: "Many of the basic assumptions of your supply chain -- the availability of supply, lead times, demand, and logistics -- changed on Monday when the storm hit the Gulf Coast. The full impact is unknown, but businesses should act now."

And earlier today, the Financial Times published an article "Shippers Warn of Supply Chain Chaos" looking at shipping and trade implications of Katrina as well, noting that "The port of New Orleans, a major gateway for commodities from grain to steel, remains closed while damage to navigational aids and debris also prevents larger ocean-going vessels from entering the Misissippi." Clearly, the full economic consequences of Katrina have yet to be felt. Over the long weekend, I plan to continue to read and research what analysts, journalists, and economists are saying, and I'll report back here the most important Spend Management implications of their coverage.

Jason Busch

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