Katrina … Which Ports Were Hit?

I came across a useful write-up this morning in the Sacramento Bee(registration required) that discussed a number of the import and commodity price implications of Hurricane Katrina. Perhaps most useful was the list of "Hurricane-Hit Ports" and their major imports / exports. Unfortunately, the list of impacted ports goes far beyond New Orelans. A copy of this list from the article is below:

Port of Southern Louisiana, LaPlace

* Imports: crude oil, petrochemicals, steel, fertilizers, ores

* Exports: corn, soybeans, wheat, animal feed

* Fifth-largest port by tonnage in the world, largest in the U.S. Handles 15 percent of all U.S. exports by value.

Port of New Orleans

* Imports: metals, rubber, coffee, forest products, cement

* Exports: aluminum, iron, steel, animal and vegetable products, forest products

Port of Gulfport, Gulfport, Miss.

* Imports: tropical fruit, ore, metals

* Exports: aluminum, steel, poultry, forest products, grain

Port of Pascagoula, Pascagoula, Miss.

* Imports: chemicals, forest products, fish, rubber, crude oil

* Exports: forest products, frozen foods, grain, petroleum products

Port of Mobile, Mobile, Ala.

* Imports: coal, gypsum, copper

* Exports: iron ore pellets, ilmenite (an iron and titanium oxide), coke, coal, grain

Jason Busch

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