Two New Blogs

I'm excited to announce two new blogs that I've run across recently in the Spend Management sector. The first, esourcingforum is a blog that my friends at Iasta decided to start. Along with a dozen or so other industry observers and practitioners, I'll be guest authoring blogs on e-sourcing and reverse auctions from time to time on it. While the blog is just a month old, it already has some great content up. It bills itself as the "definitive and only blog dedicated to esourcing". Check it out! The second blog that I recently came across is Debbie Wilson’s new blog Purchasing Automation. Debbie's blog investigates topics on a much deeper level than most blogs, and if you don't have RSS ADD, it's a great read.

Despite these recent additions to the Spend Management blogosphere, procurement and supply management are still poorly represented overall in the new media. Have you got an idea for a new blog related to Spend Management? If so, drop me a line, or post a comment. I'll be happy to give you advice on getting started.

-Jason Busch

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