Hurricane Poll — Early Results Are In

Two weeks ago, we launched our first Spend Matters poll. And the results are in. In the poll, we asked: "For those involved in Spend Management decisions, how have the Gulf Hurricanes impacted your operations?" Participants had a choice of four answers below. The number of votes received to date for each is in parenthesis at the end.

1) As a result of the hurricanes, we will have to shut down plants and / or facilities (5 votes)

2) The hurricanes will directly impact our operations and costs (e.g., delayed shipments, higher transportation costs) (6 votes)

3) The hurricanes will make us think more seriously about supply risk and total cost in the future (7 votes)

4) The hurricanes have not directly impacted our operations, nor have they changed our Spend Management approach (5 votes)

In retrospect, this poll was a bit limiting. It was aimed at US manufacturers, primarily, and only practitioners could answer the questions. Next time, we'll take a more global perspective, and let all readers of Spend Matters have a say. So stay tuned, and look for our next poll in the coming weeks! And if you've not voted yet in the first poll, it's not too late to voice your opinion.

-Jason Busch

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