Bruce Richardson and Predatory Spend Management

Many of you have probably met or heard of Bruce Richardson. As a founder of -- and the real personality behind -- AMR Research, he certainly is a legend. For those who don't understand his influence (or at least perceived influence), I'll create a dialogue between two hypothetical vendor / service providers trying to get on his radar:

Vendor number one: "Man, Bruce is so high-level, he just does not get our market."

Vendor number two: "Agreed 100%. We paid him XXXXX dollars to speak at our event, and he barely knew the segment we competed in."

Vendor number one: "So what is your strategy to get in front of him again?"

Vendor number two: "Strategy? Yeah right. I would give my CTO away to meet with him and brief him, but he's booked up for the next two years."

Vendor number one: "I know. Maybe we should pull our series B rounds together and send him a case of Screaming Eagle."

Vendor number two: "I tried that last year, and his assistant called back with a briefing slot in Q107."

OK, I'm exaggerating with the example (he's certainly not that corruptible, though I doubt he would turn down a vendor purchasing a bottle of '69 Lafite at the Phonecian at 2:00 AM at the bar during an event). But Bruce really is that hard to get in front of (unless he knows you already). However, in all seriousness, the criticism of Bruce as high-level is sometimes unfair. He really does have a great -- and always entertaining -- angle on the market. I loved his piece today on the Predatory Supply Chain which could have been titled "Spend Management as a Predatory Weapon". His examples on how Apple and Toyota are cornering targeted supply markets are excellent. Now, we just need to get him referring directly to Spend Management like Lora!

-Jason Busch

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