Spend Management Salaries … Going Up?

Now I don't lay claim to being an HR specialist or even a real economic commentator (despite some decent sounding credentials), but I do enjoy being a fly on the wall when it comes to salary trends and discussions. There's something about wage numbers that I find inherently interesting, especially when the trend is up, and the market somehow involves yours truly. Because of this, my ears perked up during a recent discussion with fellow Chicago Spend Management junkie, Constantine Limberakis, a partner at The Shelby Group, a boutique provider of Spend Management technology implementation and integration services. During our chat, Constantine remarked how salaries have risen approximately 10% in the past year, as his firm searches for top talent in the sector, which is increasingly constrained by skills, not market demand. I found this to be great news, as a rise in professional services technology salaries is most likely a leading indicator of a growing sector (since implementation work comes before actual usage). Granted, skills availability should ultimately catch up with demand, but in the mean time, we should all take this as a great sign of where the Spend Management market is headed in the next 12-18 months.

-Jason Busch

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