Whois Spend Matters?

I'm a busy person. But that is not an excuse for the domain registration question that was raised in a previous comment to a post today. So here is the complete answer to any questions that may have been raised about editorial and domain ownership of Spend Matters. If I've left anything out or you want to learn more, post a comment. I will respond.

First, as many of you know, I've written and edited this blog from day one. And frequent readers know the editorial independence I have, even going so far as to call Ariba, my original sponsor, lacking an inspirational leader. Those who are frequent readers know that in addition to a fairly quick wit, I'm known for my strong opinions, which I'm not afraid to share here, even at the risk of offending a sponsor (or non-sponsor for that matter).

Second, I've also managed the publishing / advertising aspect of Spend Matters as well, encouraging sponsors to come on board in various posts throughout the past year (and given the massive traffic increase we're seeing at the moment, there's no better deal going out there).

Third, in the early going, Ariba, as the initial sponsor, helped me get Spend Matters off of the ground by assisting with the technical side of things, including registering the domain. But as I got going with it and the blog gathered steam (and as it became apparent that it would survive), I took over the hosting of it myself, as well as the administration and billing with my own hosting provider. But the domain ownership question is something I forgot to do anything about. The plan was always to transfer the domain registration to my personal account, but I never filled out the paperwork until tonight to make this happen.

That's the story. There's nothing nefarious or stealth about the domain ownership of the blog (which will soon rest with me, once Network Solutions finishes pushing paper around). I repeat: this blog is not, has not, and never will be a stealth promotion (or slam) vehicle for Ariba or any other vendor. The goal has always been to promote the concept of Spend Management. And if I personally make a buck at it through sponsors who also agree with the premise -- and value the exposure that the blog gives them for brand building, lead generation, and other activities -- that's all the better for me, and Spend Matters readers as well, who will continue to benefit from the content we provide.

-Jason Busch

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