Spend Leakage is not a Laughing Matter

I've had a long day up here in Boston. It started with a quick meeting with Lora Cecere, Mark Hillman, and Mickey North Rizza over at AMR. There's a lot exciting things AMR is cooking up at the moment, which I'll save for a later post. But it was my first time meeting Mickey in person, and I can say with 100% certainty that she's a great addition to the AMR team (she brings an excellent practitioner perspective with her to their practice, something which is missing at many analyst firms).

After a series of whirlwind calls and meetings, I ended up at the Westin for Aberdeen's event, the CPO's Summit (my reason for coming up here in the first place). While I'll be posting a lot more tomorrow about the event tomorrow, I can say that the first few hours this afternoon were great. Aberdeen said there were over 150 registrants, and it seemed to me like virtually everyone showed up.

Tim Minahan led off the session, noting that the audience represented $320 billion in spend power. But to me, what was a much better gauge of the quality and focus of the attendees was their 100% focus on Spend Management. I tell you, this is the type of group where one can shout drop terms like "Spend Leakage" with a straight face. And no one laughs.

A few other quick observations:

- It's a senior crowd (with a nice balance of users, consultants, and vendors)

- Purchasing magazine is more than a sponsor -- they're active participants in the event, and provided some excellent upfront economic content and data (which I'll discuss more tomorrow) that really set the stage for the conference

Stay tuned for much more tomorrow.

-Jason Busch

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