A PhD in Bundling …

What I love about academia is that it enables researchers (both students and professors) to study the absolutely esoteric. But when I was in graduate school about a decade ago, I became shocked at what passed for research, even in the esoteric realm. In one particular example, I remember that a highly regarded English department faculty member was lauded by her peers for studying the literary implications of feminism and vampirism (this is not a joke ... an ivy league professor is actually being paid and given tenure to study this bilge). Needless to say, by casting public doubt on the usefulness of efforts like this, I did not last long in the academic world.

But every once in a while, a really useful academic study comes out of the ivory tower. That's why I was excited to learn that E-Sourcing Forum will be posting some of the research highlights from a study on bundling within RFQs and reverse auctions. Specifically, Tobias Schoenherr, a graduate student at Indiana University, is writing a dissertation that examines "bundling or lotting in B2B Reverse Auctions". It looks like he plans to chronicle his insights (as well as request feedback and input) via the blog. I plan to bookmark it and check back to see what he has discovered. You should too.

-Jason Busch

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