Spend Matters: Onward and Upward

I just checked Spend Matters traffic numbers for December so far (through December 10th) and we're already at nearly 7,500 views for the month. Clearly, this thing has got legs. And what's most impressive are not the numbers themselves. It's the fact that I know based on my conversations that the audience for Spend Matters represents some of the most important influencers in the sector including early technology and service adopters looking for the next new thing. To put the growth of this blog in perspective -- not to mention the influence and focus of our readers -- when I launched Spend Matters last December, our entire traffic for the month was less than our most highly trafficked day this month. And all of this growth has occurred in a 12 month period. I find the viral momentum of this thing almost unreal.

If you're in the Spend Management sector (either as a provider, consultant, or supplier) and you're focused just on traditional media advertising, you are clearly missing out on the power of blogs to promote your brand and solutions. Want to get in on the action before Spend Matters becomes an even hotter commodity in 2006, overtaking old media and new media outlets alike in readership (and before our sponsorship programs increase in price in January)? Get in touch: admin@spendmatters.com.

-Jason Busch

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