The China Spend Management Question Mark

Along with scores of economists and traders, I'm a constant observer of the Chinese economy. In 2006, China will continue to be under constant review, especially from a Spend Management perspective. But nothing is certain. Earlier this year, I posted a number of blog entries on the Yuan and revaluation. You can read one of them here. Outside of the currency issue, other factors that could impact China strategies for companies in 2006 include domestic Chinese growth, commodity price variability, local wages, global transportation and shipping costs, the rise of India, the preservation of IP, and regionally stability (from Taiwan to Korea). But one thing's for sure: China will be critical to watch closely in 2006. And you can be sure that we'll keep it under the microscope at Spend Matters to help companies make the most informed decisions when it comes to the region.

-Jason Busch

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