Blogs Worth Keeping

The majority of blog posts I consider disposable. Now, that's not to say I don't enjoy reading them. But most I devour -- or conceive of, if they're mine -- in a matter of minutes, and then quickly move onto the next thing. However, once in a while, a post emerges with a grain of insight or truth that transcends the moment. It sticks with you to the core. That's why I'm thankful that Michael Lamoureux took the time over on Sourcing Innovation to immortalize some of the blogs worth keeping from 2006. I'd recommend allocating a good thirty minutes on your calendar to read through the posts. If you do, you'll see that the real thought leadership in the procurement and operations world is coming from the blogosphere -- from vendors, consultants, analysts, practitioners and journalists alike who share a little bit of their soul via RSS everyday.

Jason Busch

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