Snippets, Rumors, and Commentary on AMR's Strategy 21

AMR's Strategy 21 event went off with a bang this year and from what we heard, the overall discussion level and buzz was quite high. Spend Matters planted our trusty West-Coast correspondent at the event. Here are some of the snippets he heard:

From a presentation standpoint, "SAP beat Oracle but both came off as old school in their thinking compared with presentations from, Rearden Commerce, and (believe it or not) Microsoft."

"The idea of the business user being the center of application design/prioritization came through in most presentations. Extreme example would be Rearden; more subtle would be Salesforce's new application network (build your own app portfolio). Microsoft is the most mature in thinking, framing around upcoming Office release."

"IBM confused the crowd with incredibly text-heavy slides that were impossible to read."

"Unfortunately, no real substance on Spend Management issues, except Rearden Commerce continues to attract the right type of attention; Spend Matters' correspondent heard Patrick Grady of Rearden chatting with some heavy hitters throughout, and discussing a follow-up meeting with a top CEO in the enterprise software sector."

"This was really a tech visionary conference focused on the enterprise. Not even much discussion of the mid-market or of key verticals or processes. Seems that everyone was engaged in the 40,000 foot level arguments about the future of enterprise software ... It kind of felt Forrester-y, in that regard."

Stay tuned. We'll post a more polished, Spend Management-centric view of the conference later this week.

Jason Busch

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