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I've heard many senior managers complain that they're not getting enough productivity out of their team members despite various lean and Six Sigma initiatives. Here's an idea to wring the most effort out of every commodity manager or consultant working for you. When you're done chuckling, perhaps you might think about new types of Spend Management solutions which can provide more permanent productivity enhancements. For example, if you're an AMR Research client, take a moment to read their latest brief on using supplier collaboration tools to streamline direct procurement. AMR’s insightful analysis discusses how "more and more manufacturers are executing the Source process by communicating electronically and automating the coordination of processes with suppliers. Also, companies striving to achieve a Demand-Driven Supply Network (DDSN) use this collaborative, pull-based replenishment model to create a more agile supply network to better address demand fluctuations." In the brief, AMR describes how leaders are using advanced solutions from vendors like Clear Orbit to automate "procurement execution as part of pull-based replenishment of direct materials" between procurement organizations and their strategic suppliers.

Jason Busch

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