Aberdeen's LCCS Coverage Hits the Mark

Over the past 12 months, I've found Aberdeen's research on low cost country sourcing to be invaluable. With the cost of their research an order of magnitude lower than other analyst firms, there's no excuse not to subscribe if you're serious about global sourcing. Most recently, I enjoyed reading Tim Minahan's brief The CPO's Agenda for Low Cost Country Sourcing (registration required). Aberdeen's findings are based on a survey of "chief procurement officers (CPOs), vice presidents, and directors of procurement and supply management at nearly 100 global enterprises." Tim's brief sites examples from Alcoa and Schneider Electric that show the type of results companies can achieve from LCCS, as well as the value of taking a top down approach (with strong C-level leadership supporting such efforts). What initiatives are CPO's taking to accelerate their global sourcing efforts? According to Aberdeen's findings, accessing local supplier intelligence, automating sourcing processes and procedures, focusing on total cost management (by leveraging third-party intelligence), and setting up international procurement offices (IPO) are all key.

Jason Busch

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