Rearden Commerce Generates Buzz in the Blogosphere

Jason Wood recently posted some great information about Rearden Commerce on his blog, The Ponderings of Woodrow. Wood positions Rearden with some big names like and RightNow as a leader in the software as a service (SAAS) market: "Several public companies, most notably [CRM] and RightNow [RNOW] have garnered significant investor interest, trade at lofty multiples, and are perceived as revolutionary players in the world of software. While both companies are important early movers in the SaaS arena, they are not alone and I believe several other private vendors have a chance to be as significant, if not more significant, factors in the evolving software landscape ... Today I turn my attention to Rearden Commerce, arguably the 4th Horsemen of the SaaS applications market [along with salesforce, RightNow and NetSuite." Wood does not claim any expertise in the Spend Management market, but his analysis is a great primer to understand how Rearden fits into the technology market. You can read a couple of my quick takes on Rearden here and here.

Jason Busch

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