Do You Brief a Blogger?

In recent months, as Spend Matters traffic has grown, I've received numerous inbounds from vendors, consultants, and other types of providers who are used to briefing the industry analyst community. Some have specifically asked me: should we brief bloggers as we do analysts? In short, I don't think that there's a firm rule here yet, but when it comes to Spend Matters, I view my role in the Spend Management ecosystem as fundamentally different from that of an industry analyst. A good business blog is part community, part conversation -- with a bit of wit and gossip tossed in for good measure. Most of the business blogs that I read do not examine vendors at the same level of the analysts, and are certainly not at all a replacement for their work, especially on the advisory side. Given this, I think formal briefings are probably overkill. But in the case of Spend Matters, I'm always looking for new information and views, and welcome the chance to have informal conversations with voices from the Spend Management community. By all means, feel free to drop me a line ( if you're interested in a casual chat -- either via VOIP or over a pint at a good pub if you're in Chicago. Last, if you have any news which you think is important, feel free to fire it over (please send the link as well). I won't make any promises about posting or commenting on it, but if it is relevant and timely for the Spend Management community, I'll absolutely consider mentioning it.

Jason Busch

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