Gaining Insight from an IDC Spin-Out

I was up in Boston the past few days with a client and met with a number of industry analysts at the usual firms. The good news is it sounds like there's a lot of good research that will be coming out in the next quarter or two from the usual suspects. But I wanted to make sure for the manufacturers who read Spend Matters that Manufacturing Insights, a new spin-out from IDC, is on the radar screen. I had the chance to meet with Bob Ferrari and Bob Parker of Manufacturing Insights as part of the trip. Manufacturing Insight's research agenda and advisory practice focuses on a number of areas including supply chain, sourcing, and procurement that are especially relevant for manufacturers making Spend Management investments. A few weeks ago, I posted a blog commenting on one of Bob Ferrari's research briefs (which Manufacturing Insights made available for free download on their site -- to access the rest of their research, you need to be a subscriber).

Jason Busch

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