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I just got confirmation that in a few weeks, I'll be headed on a whirlwind tour of a number of cities in China. This is a trip that I've been meaning to take for sometime, and I'm looking forward to it. And you can be sure that I'll discuss the highlights on Spend Matters. But I must also admit that this post has commercial aims as well. I've been thinking quite a bit about documenting this trip in a series of entertaining but pragmatic essays on the essence of doing business and sourcing from the region. These will not be whitepapers or analyst research pieces as such -- far from it. Think P.J. O'Rourke meets Esquire, meets the Economist, if you're trying to get a sense of the style that I'll be writing in. They'll certainly be informative and useful, but hopefully quite fun and witty as well.

I'm thinking that I'll probably write between three-to-four essays, anywhere between 1500-2500 words each (for publication sometime in the late March / April timeframe). Rather than placing them in a magazine, I thought I'd given Spend Matters readers a chance to sponsor them (complete with a logo and blurb about their company, and their LCCS capabilities, if applicable). Sponsors will also get a list of those who download the papers (for free) from the Spend Matters site to use in their lead generation efforts, as well as a PDF license to use them on their own. If you're a vendor, consultancy, or solutions provider who is involved in sourcing, this is a great opportunity to build your brand around one of the hottest current Spend Management issues, as well as generate significant leads and interest for your business in a targeted area. It should also be a lot of fun as well. I'll be capping the number of sponsors for the essay series at two, so it promises to be an intimate affair.

Drop me a line and let me know if you're interested: jbusch@spendmatters.com. I'm happy to share the pricing and other details that I have in mind later this week.

Jason Busch

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