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Yesterday, IBX sent me a link to a Spend Management magazine they are publishing in Europe titled Efficient Purchasing. The magazine appears aimed at generating awareness for the types of benefits that Spend Management activities and investments can bring to European procurement organizations. As a marketing geek, I strongly support this type of activity, as far too few vendors make an investment in leading the market with strong ideas and guidance. I did not have time to read through the whole contents yet of their first issue yet, but the lead story on GM's worldwide purchasing efforts is packed with useful tidbits.

For those who do not know IBX, the firm is focused on the European market, and has licensed and customized applications from SAP and Emptoris which it delivers in an on-demand environment with supporting services. The model of licensing third-party technology and delivering it in a hosted environment on top of a customized support platform -- on either a category or vertical basis -- appears to be gaining traction. It would appear that Provade is working with Oracle in the same way that IBX is working with SAP and Emptoris. Could this be the rebirth of the old exchange model (where a new set of vendors license existing software components from other providers)? Who knows, but the major difference this time around is that software as a service (SaaS) is now a reality.

Jason Busch

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