2012 Olympics Embraces Spend Management Outsourcing

I just read this short piece in the online version of Supply Management, a UK-based publication. According to the article, the body governing the 2012 London Olympics plans to outsource much of its sourcing and procurement initiatives: "David Higgins, chief executive of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), which is charged with creating the infrastructure, unveiled the plan at a business summit held last week at Canary Wharf ... Lifecycle costing, sustainability, training, health and safety, supplier diversity, fair employment and ethical sourcing were among his key considerations for procurement." In my view, while the Olympics' total spend will probably be small relative to the total dollar volume for similar outsourcing projects in the next six years' time, this high-profile program should lend credibility to the rise of the Spend Management outsourcing movement. And maybe it will capture the attention of a few CFOs looking at the benefits that Spend Management outsourcing can bring.

Jason Busch

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