Nextance: Evangelizing the Contract Management Market

One of my major pet peeves in the software and professional services world is that few providers invest enough time to educate and evangelize their market. Many firms believe that it's enough to rely on industry analysts to lead the market with their ideas. In my experience, this perspective is dead wrong (you can read more about my views on the subject here). I believe that analysts are part of the ecoystem, but they're not on top of it (without the providers, they would not exist at all). Since launching Azul Partners, a boutique advisory firm that focuses about half of its practice on creating private label content, I've observed time and time again the significant results that thought leadership programs can bring to vendors and consultancies alike. But some providers don't need any help in this area -- which is a great thing. I find it incredibly refreshing when I see focused players like Nextance take the time to write a 4-part whitepaper series to educate the market about contract management. As someone who has authored (and ghost authored) around a hundred whitepapers to date, I know how much effort these types of initiatives require. We should applaud Nextance -- and specifically Jason Rushin, a former FreeMarkets colleague of mine who authored these pieces -- for investing the time to educate the market. I have a feeling it will more than pay off for them in new business and increased mindshare.

Jason Busch

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