Commerce One: The Agony is Over

Perfect Commerce finally put Commerce One out of its misery on Monday, announcing that it had acquired the long sliding firm. While it's not mentioned in the press release, Comvest was the last owner of the patient in question. Interestingly enough, Perfect Commerce already acquired much of Commerce One's IP over the years through licensing and other agreements, so in my book, this announcement is not terribly important. On her blog, Debbie Wilson had this to say about the deal: “I think it's a good move for both firms. Perfect continues to build up its market share with this latest acquisition, while C1 customers gain access to the resources and services of a much larger firm.”

Personally, I believe that the deal further confirms Perfect's role in the Spend Management market as technology slum lord, rolling up Baltic Avenue-like investments on the cheap. This very well might be a great move. I'm not passing judgement on Perfect's strategy, but rather making an observation on the types of investments they've made. It might even pay off in a big way for them. Heck, Computer Associates made itself into a Wall Street wonder for years pulling off a similar stunt. But I know first hand how difficult it can be -- and how service levels can suffer as a result -- integrating acquired technology, especially in a hosted environment. As further background, you can read my views about Perfect and its associated personalities here, here, and here.

Jason Busch

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