The UN: This is Not Spend Management

I'm glad that in addition to their excellent Spend Management coverage, AMR Research is now also taking on the roll of United Nations watchdog. Their latest Spend Management brief (currently free to view for non AMR clients) is titled the UN Procurement Scandal: Why Compliance and Control Is Good Business for Everyone. I tell you, when the future security of the Middle East lies in the balance of this hallowed group, not to mention the end of famine in Africa, it certainly gives me pause about its overall effectiveness when I read that "approximately one-third of [its] $1B in major procurement contracts involved waste, corruption, or other concerns." While I agree with AMR’s conclusion that "Control and compliance are two essential tenets of a successful and sanctioned procurement function" I doubt that in most Western countries, the same degree of corruption exists in the private sector in procurement. Recalling an old Ariba advertisement from a few years back, this is NOT Spend Management!

Jason Busch

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