Trading in the Abacus …

Even though Chinese supplier quality is climbing -- and in some cases surpassing Western levels -- the majority of Chinese businesses are still operating in the pre green screen era. According to a recent study that Tekrati referenced, most small and medium sized Chinese suppliers are just beginning to adopt PCs and other IT systems. According to the study, "As it stands now, about two-thirds of SMBs in China are still operating without a PC ... But many of these businesses have realized that IT implementation starting with PC deployment can really help them stay competitive in the increasingly global marketplace." Obviously this is a good thing for global IT manufacturers who are looking at China as a growth market. But it's an even better thing for organizations purchasing from -- and selling into -- the region. From a performance and connectivity perspective, everyone stands to benefit from increased visibility as more and more Asian suppliers trade in the Abacus and enter the PC era.

Jason Busch

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