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The China Files, a Spend Matters essay series, is taking shape. This is something that I'm quite excited about. As my departure approaches, I've put a bit more clarity around what sponsors of the series will receive. If you're curious, get in touch!

Summary and Background

Spend Matters editor Jason Busch will be documenting his next trip to China (in Q1 2006) in a series of entertaining but pragmatic essays on doing business in -- and sourcing from -- the region. These will not be whitepapers or analyst research pieces as such; far from it, in fact. Think P.J. O'Rourke meets Esquire, meets the Economist, if you're trying to get a sense of the style that he'll be writing in. They'll be written for procurement, financial and business executives who want an entertaining and inside perspective on what it's really like to do business in the region. They'll be informative and useful, but witty and captivating as well. Further details are below:

- Number of essays in the series: 3

- Length: somewhere between 1500-2000 words each

- Publication date: March / April 2006

- Design: clean two column format designed to look like a magazine reprint

Each Sponsor Will Receive

- Their logo on the initial page of each essay

- Promotion (company name and link) in a blog entry highlighting each essay

- A short description at the end of each essay about their company (including global sourcing / LCCS capabilities and solutions)

- Non-exclusive PDF rights to use the document in print format for one year

- Non exclusive rights to post the essays in PDF format on their website (or any other) for a period of one year

- Profile information on everyone who downloads the whitepaper from the Spend Matters web site (name, company, contact information, etc.) for direct marketing and lead generation

Curious? Get in touch! Contact jbusch@spendmatters.com

Jason Busch

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