Across the Pond: The War for Spend Mgmt. Talent

I've really enjoyed reading Supply Management of late. The magazine, a UK based publication, takes a close look at procurement and sourcing issues from an informed perspective that even uncouth Americans (myself included) can appreciate. This February, Supply Management featured a story on the war for Spend Management talent in the UK. Titled Staying Power, the feature article takes the perspective that good procurement staff are hard to find, and even harder to keep -- a point of view that nearly everyone on the recruiting and talent side of Spend Management would agree with these days. According to the article, "The clamour for good purchasers has never been so high. Bosses are keener than ever to find and hold on to Mr or Ms Right. This is great news for employees, but not so good for managers at all levels, who are now having to work harder --not just at building the team's skills but to keep staff motivated and prevent them developing a wandering eye." The author of the article cites the case at PriceWaterhoue Coopers where turnover in the procurement staff stood at 25% in the past. To improve the situation, "PwC knew it had to act, and now runs a quarterly staff satisfaction survey, with department managers' bonuses linked to the happiness of their teams ... Just one member of the 19-strong procurement team has left over the past 18 months, and that was to move to Guernsey ..."

Jason Busch

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