Duke To Monitor More Than Supplier Performance

This morning, the hat-tip goes to the always recruited -- but loyal Verticalnet executive -- Jim Wetekamp, who pointed me in the direction of a Duke University announcement involving its apparel production and licensing . Apparently, the school will "cut the number of factories that manufacture the school's licensed apparel to better monitor working conditions in the plants ... [requiring] that 25 percent of Duke production be moved to a smaller number of designated factories that meet all of our requirements, and which can be more closely monitored." Jim raised a number of good points to me in an email on the subject: "regardless of industry, business focus, or spend category, you always have to remain aware of supply conditions that reach beyond price. You have to know your suppliers, and your supplier's suppliers and how they operate. If the logo on the product is yours, you have a de-facto responsibility for the environmental and sociological conditions within which it was manufactured, and should give that consideration in your sourcing process."

Jason Busch

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