Mindflow … The Final Chapter?

David Bush, who it should be said is an executive at a company competitive with Mindflow, took out his virtual pen last night and posted a blog on the vendor's future as part of another organization. Now, those in the Spend Management gossip circle know that that Mindflow has been shopped around since Bush's first term in office. And just like the Junior Senator from New York, the vendor has carpet-bagged its way around the Spend Management vendor world looking for votes in unfamiliar districts. But given all the chatter at the moment, it looks like this campaign is about to end, with a full endorsement from a leader in the market. In his blog, David provided another data point to confirm this. I've also triangulated from multiple sources that the vendor who is about to pick up Mindflow is Emptoris. While this is not confirmed, a number of highly knowledgeable individuals in the market have separately brought up the Emptoris / Mindflow talks to me in the past week. In my opinion, someone is intentionally talking or leaking this to the broader market given all the talk surrounding the deal.

Jason Busch

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