The Post-Tim Aberdeen: Building Up, Not Rebuilding

Last night, I had the chance to speak to Jamie Bedard, Aberdeen's President and CEO, about his firm's continued Spend Management coverage following Tim's departure at the end of the month. Jamie was candid with me about the situation, and remains passionate about his analysts' continued coverage of the Spend Management market. He believes that even without Tim, Aberdeen still has the strongest group of Spend Management analysts in the market today, as well as the greatest breadth and depth of coverage (a point that given the firm’s resource commitment to the sector, that I would not dispute). At the same time, Jamie realizes that to maintain his firm's momentum, he will need to bring in "additional firepower" as well to augment the firm's current coverage areas.

Until this happens, though, Aberdeen still has four analysts dedicated to the sector. Jeff Pikulik, Beth Enslow, Vishal Patel, and Rick Saia will lead Aberdeen's Spend Management coverage. Jeff will continue to focus on covering all financial aspects of eProcurement from "downstream finance to invoice reconciliation". Beth will continue to focus on covering "supplier enablement, global trade and logistics services procurement". Vishal, a new analyst at Aberdeen, will ramp up his coverage of "contract management, contract compliance and risk management". Last, Rick will cover indirect spend categories including: telecom expensive management and MRO. Jamie shared with me that he also has hiring plans in the near-term to bring onboard another senior voice, but that he will not be sharing the names of this individual for another week or two (I have separately confirmed this as well).

Thanks to Tim's excellent work over the years (and I say this as a past client of his), Aberdeen has a great Spend Management foundation in place. Even without him, they'll be able to continue to build up.

Jason Busch

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