A Supply Risk Evangelizer Takes to the Air

Sometimes, it's not enough to rely on the media, analysts, or academics to evangelize your market for you. A classic example of this is Open Ratings, a supply risk management vendor who up until now has been far ahead of its time. Despite solid recent coverage of the sector from Aberdeen, Open Ratings has essentially had to both create and evangelize its own market segment. Fortunately, the global business climate has finally caught up with the vendor, and supply risk management is now a topic that is moving into the boardroom. Now that this is the case, Jim Lawton, Open Rating's fearless marketing leader, is taking to the air and traveling to a number of events to promote the concept of supply risk management to procurement and manufacturing executives. I've personally seen Jim's pitch on supply risk management, and it's more than convincing. I would strongly encourage all of you to listen to one of Jim's stump speeches if you get the chance. Given the critical nature of supply risk management today, this is a campaign that we should all be supporting.

Jason Busch

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