Spend Matters Heads East …

Blogging will be light in the next day as I wrap up a few client issues before leaving on my China trip. I depart tomorrow, and the good news is that I've worked my itinerary around broadband access every night, so I'm hoping to keep the posts frequent, addressing a number of areas from the social aspects of doing business in the region to improving supplier quality and performance, despite the geographic and cultural differences between China and the West. And as promised, I'll be documenting my adventures when I return in a series of longer essays. In the meantime, I've also got a dozen blogs to post including the rest of the interview series with Avner Schneur and a number of posts on my first debate and discussion with Pierre Mitchell (not to mention a few additional entries on optimization as well). Like a fine Bordeaux, my notes from these discussions have been aging well the past few weeks, taking on additional character in my hard drive's climate controlled cellar. I think they're just about ready for consumption. Stay tuned ... starting in a couple of days, look for the most informative few weeks on Spend Matters to date!

Jason Busch

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