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We've gotten a lot of feedback from our readers that they'd like to have a "push" version of Spend Matters. The good news today is that we've finally done something about it. You can now become a registered Spend Matters reader by filling out the information on this link. By becoming a Spend Matters registered reader, you will receive emails highlighting important content from Spend Matters. In addition, from time to time we'll also include unique material and editorial commentary that will only be available to registered readers (not on the actual Spend Matters blog). Think of this as a convenient way to stay up to date with all the news and views in the world of Spend Management, delivered conveniently to your inbox! Even if you read Spend Matters via an RSS reader, plan to register anyway, as we'll be emailing out content, editorial, and other analysis that will only be available to registered readers, not via RSS feeds or at Spend Matters web site.

Jason Busch

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