An Executive Perspective on Supplier Management

I'm fried -- or should I say woked -- from travel and meetings all week in China (not to mention eating silk worms at lunch today during a banquet with a supplier and a regional government official in the middle of nowhere), so rather than post reflections on my trip to date, I've got a few other things that require a bit less brainpower at this moment in time. Today, as I left Shandong Provence for Suzhou (where I'm staying in an industrial park the size of Rhode Island), Kevin Brooks, Spend Matters fearless head of business development, sent me a link to a post on one of his favorite blogs Big Picture Small Office. In Kevin's words, he found the post an "interesting example of the human side of sourcing and supplier relationships, but also a compelling anecdote for making sure the balance of information is on your side. Someone in the early Ariba days gave a presentation about markets being all about information, and that it isn't so much a buyers vs. sellers market as much as it is a balance of market intelligence. Whoever has the most, wins, and if you know more about your supplier’s business than they do, that means you win. And it's the same the other way around. Perhaps this is an arms race that could theoretically benefit all BI vendors!" In any event, you can read the post in question here. I enjoyed it as well. And thanks, Kevin, for the tip.

Jason Busch

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