It's Official: D&B Picks up Open Ratings

I'm hoping to talk to the guys at D&B and Open Ratings tomorrow, but I wanted to post the link to the press release announcing the deal when I saw it. It hit the wire earlier this afternoon. According to the release, "D&B ... today announced that it has acquired Open Ratings, located in Waltham, Massachusetts, for $8.0 million, funded with cash on hand. Open Ratings provides Web-based supply risk management solutions to leading manufacturing companies. D&B expects the acquisition will be approximately $0.02 per share dilutive in 2006, most of which will be in the first half of the year. The Company expects the acquisition will be accretive in 2007. D&B also confirmed the acquisition will have no impact on its 2006 full-year guidance." What's shocking to me about the deal is the low valuation. Methinks D&B got Open Ratings for a song. You can read my earlier commentary on the deal here.

Jason Busch

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