Iasta to Release a Benchmark Study … via RSS!

I'm looking forward to reading Iasta's sourcing benchmarking survey which they'll be releasing on eSourcing Forum next week. Kudos to Iasta for: 1) Completing a benchmarking study on their own (there are software vendors with more staff in marketing than Iasta has overall which do not complete primary research and thought leadership like this); 2) Releasing the study results via RSS on their blog (in my view, RSS is future of content syndication); and 3) Digging into a Spend Management subject which is generating new levels of enthusiasm of late, and relying on their own primary research to guide their analysis. You can check out the demographic profile of the participants in the study by reading today's post on eSourcing Forum. According to David Bush's post, "This final report is a holistic view of the data covering over 40 detailed questions about strategic sourcing tactics, technology usage patterns, future plans and perceived vs. real benefits."

Jason Busch

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