A Revolutionary Decade for Procurement

I enjoyed reading Supply Management's recent take on the changing landscape in procurement during the past ten years. In the article, the author posits the questions: "So what would a purchaser who's been asleep for the decade have missed? What would he or she recognise? And how well has the profession risen to the challenge?" I like the response: "Initially, they might be disorientated by the lack of paper documents, the proliferation of mobile phones, the arrival of the internet -- being able to order stock from the desktop quickly and without the need to get everything -- and that their colleagues and chief executive have a better idea of what purchasing does. The biggest shocks would be the Web and e-commerce. Or that purchasers now earn more than their colleagues in almost all other departments, and the disappearance of the pay gap between men and women."

I'll be the first to admit that despite the rise of Spend Management, the procurement profession still has a long way to go. But the progress we've made in the past ten years really is extraordinary. This article is a good reality check why.

Jason Busch

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