"Talkers are no good doers"

I was once an English and history major, and believe it or not, spent more time delving into literature and writing than global sourcing or strategic marketing. But when I have the time at night, I love nothing more than reading history or literature. The other night, while skimming an old Shakespeare play, I came across a quotation that I had forgotten, but would serve us all well to remember: "Talkers are no good doers; be assur'd we come to use our hands and not our tongues." On that point, in the Spend Management world, when I see a chest-thumping press release that brags unnecessarily, I begin to wonder if such efforts would be better spent on "doing," especially at a time when the firm issuing it is in the spotlight. Indeed, with Tim Minahan’s departure from Aberdeen, all of us are looking for evidence that the firm will continue in the same, excellent direction of the past. Here, actions speak louder than words, and while I'm excited that they are continuing to invest heavily in Spend Management and applaud their great contribution to the overall sector (past and present), many folks have approached me offline in the past couple of weeks and expressed concern that without Tim, the firm will not be the same. I hope this will not be the case, and Jamie Bedard, Aberdeen's CEO, has told me personally that he is passionate about maintaining Aberdeen's pole position in Spend Management research. But let's hope the firm continues to make producing useful and pragmatic research its number one priority -- not bloviating about its strengths or relying on past successes. After all, it's not the loudest engine that gets the winning car across the finish line, but the actual power it transfers to the road.

Jason Busch

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