Contract Management Rumors

Contract management has never quite fit into the mainstream application world. For many Spend Management suite vendors, it's been an afterthought. But the market appears to be heating up, as do potential suitors for the best of breed firms that remain. I've heard it on good authority that two software vendors (one Spend Management provider that positions itself in the “supply management” realm, and one larger player) are about to snap up contract management capability by acquiring two smaller pure plays, both of which are well known.

Personally, I wonder if basic contract management capability is a better fit with the Microsoft Offices of the world than the traditional enterprise vendors (or even SaaS providers). For in my view, it's the very basic storage and access capability that matters as a foundation for contract visibility. While it's ideal to integrate contracts capability into a full blow Spend Management technology suite, most companies would get significant benefits from just being able to locate their contracts in a common, shared repository (along with some basic alerting, workflow and permissioning capability). Maybe even Google could get into the game on the desktop or enterprise level ...

Jason Busch

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