Catching up with Quadrem

Last week, I had the chance to catch-up with Peter Lugli and Katherine Kirkpatrick who together lead Quadrem's marketing efforts. For those who don’t know Quadrem, the online marketplace started out as an exchange in the metals, mining, and natural resource industries. But today, they're serving clients across a range of areas. I really like their current thinking on the power of XML-driven standards to transform catalog and master data management for procurement. They are also one of the few vendors (including MFQ Quote) who has made a supplier-pays revenue model work. When I have some more time in the coming weeks, I'm looking forward to providing additional thoughts and commentary on Quadrem. If you think they're just about metals and mining procurement and sourcing (which is what I thought before I spoke to them), you'll be fascinated to read what I have to report.

Jason Busch

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