Dining with Chinese President Hu Jintao …

In the spirit of the Chinese President's visit to United States, we present some speculations on Spend Matters as to what President Hu Jintao and Bill Gates might have dined on last night:

Amuse Bouche: Pate of cloned goose liver (without any royalties paid to the farm that provided the initial specimen).

Salad: Organic mix of green lettuces (symbolic of the over $250 billion in US debt the Chinese are holding).

Wine Service:Mondavi Cabernet Reserve with a side of Sprite (in keeping with the Chinese custom of mixing Sprite with red wine).

Main course: Spicy Tofu and vegetables (According to the Dow Jones wire, "China is the No. 1 export market for U.S. soybeans, with 14% of total U.S. soybean production and nearly 40% of total U.S. soybeans exports going to China").

Desert: Assortment of cheeses (the Chinese don’t eat it and so far haven't figured out how to export it to America) and Starbuck's Daily Blend (a fast growing US export to China).

Gan Bei! Jason Busch

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