New Federal Procurement Chief Nominated

According to Government Executive, the Bush administration has nominated Paul Denett to take over as head of the Office of Management and Budget. According to the article, "if confirmed by the Senate, Paul Denett would take over as head of the Office of Management and Budget's [OMB] procurement policy shop." In my view -- which would probably make me very unpopular inside the beltway -- government procurement should focus on making domestic tax dollars go as far as possible. Price and supplier performance should matter far more than set-asides based on political and social agendas. Because of this, I would hope that the FAR undergoes significant review in the coming years, and that Denett begins to introduce far more private sector knowledge and process into Federal procurement than previous OMB leaders.

I believe that Spend Management policies need to change inside the Beltway -- the no-bid contracts that happened following Iraq and Katrina would have gotten any private sector CPO fired. And while some might believe that diversity and social agendas are the highest noble cause when it comes to Federal purchasing, as a taxpayer and US citizen, I believe that the OMB should focus entirely on helping reduce our national spending and debt by leveraging private sector thinking and competitive processes that award business to the highest quality, lowest cost suppliers, period. Whether that ends up being an inner-city minority-owned supplier or Halliburton, individual award decisions should be based on what is best for taxpayers, not policy wonks with subjective agendas. With China alone holding over $250 billion in US debt, the United States can no longer afford to let social policy get in the way of basic Spend Management economics when it comes to Federal contract award decisions.

Jason Busch

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