Ketera Appoints Burton M. Goldfield as CEO

An announcement naming Burton Goldfield as CEO of Ketera just came across the wire. For the sake of the sector, let's hope that Goldfield -- who has a very impressive bio -- focuses on execution rather than slamming the competition. Just yesterday, Steve Savignano continued his rant against what I presume is Ariba in a press release by noting that "While other companies recast maintenance fees and services to support their on demand revenue growth, the market is finding clear value in Ketera's on demand spend management solutions and our business model, which is entirely reliant on subscription fees and offering our customers immediate value." Note to Ketera: customers do not care about revenue model sausage making. What they care about is product and value. What Savignano has failed to realize in his constant rants against Ariba over the years is that this is not a zero-sum game market. It's a wide open field. There's more than enough room for Ketera, Ariba, SAP, Oracle, and many others to thrive. Hopefully Burton Goldfield will realize this as well, and will elevate himself and the Ketera organization by pushing a more civil dialogue and message.

Jason Busch

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