Two Additional Blogs Spring Up

I've recently come across two additional Spend Management-related blogs. Both appear to be part of larger blog roll-up networks which are attempting to aggregate content to cash in on the emerging advertising thirst to reach blog audiences. I wish them both luck, but personally, I think they lack the "insider" perspective of Dave Stephens' and David Bush's efforts so far. I also believe that blogs which are launched strictly to cash in on advertising are bound to fail over time (this feels reminiscent of the marketplace / exchange craze to me, and look how many of those survived the shake-out). There's a passion and thirst for knowledge that is necessary on the part of blog authors to sustain an effort and build a readership. Simply finding news links and providing limited commentary does not go far enough in my book, especially if the goal is to generate eye-balls to drive ad revenue. But judge for yourself by checking them out here and here. The more the merrier.

Jason Busch

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