What Tone Will Ketera's New CEO Set?

I'm looking forward to hearing what David Bush (of Iasta and E-Sourcing Forum fame) has to report from Ketera's User Conference this week in San Jose. I sincerely hope that Ketera's tone changes from ranting to on-demand market leadership. In the past year, it's been hard to take Ketera seriously as a player when their entire positioning focused on slamming the competition, rather than touting their core product and solution strengths. This was a shame because many of their products (such as spend visibility and core eProcurement) continued to offer great value for the dollar. In my view, the truth was they could have more than competed on product and price alone (just ask my wife, who uses one of their solutions in her firm). But hopefully now, the sophomoric rhetoric of the past is behind them. The good news is that with Burton Goldfield on-board as CEO, they've got a chance to really catapult their positioning and market presence to an entirely new level in 2006 and beyond. As a first marker, I'm looking to David’s commentary on E-Sourcing Forum to see which direction that they're headed in (no pressure, Dave ;-).

Jason Busch

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